No one can deny that hammers are irreplaceable tools. Claw hammers in particular are the most used by carpenters. Even though the design of these tools has hardly changed in the 6,000 years they’ve been around, small details have emerged that can make a huge difference. Below we offer you a complete comparative guide in order for you to be able to choose from the best models of claw hammers available to you.

This type of hammer is the most used tool by carpenters. They have a special curved head that facilitates the extraction of nails. They are also used in metal and aluminium workshops. It is a robust tool with wooden, fibre or carbon handles. The design of hammers has changed little because, like the wheel, its design is pretty perfect.

Key Facts

  • Claw hammers have one of their upper heads curved. This head has a cleft or “claw” that is designed to remove nails. This end is also often used to lever soft materials such as wood. The other, which is flat, is used to hit and nail.
  • Claw hammers are used in woodwork and carpentry workshops. They are also very appreciated in repair and DIY work. They are especially appreciated in the pallet industry, as their claws are used to dismantle and repair recycled pallets.
  • The most modern hammers have ergonomic designs. Many have non-slip, rubber-coated handles. These hammers are designed to be comfortable and not to cause damage to the hand. There are also compact models, which are designed for working in uncomfortable or difficult to access places.

Ranking: The best claw hammers on the market

Here’s a list of the best claw hammers on the market. Each one has its own special characteristics, so be careful not to miss an important feature when making your purchase. We hope that in this list of products you will find the most suitable tool for your needs, while staying within your budget.

No. 1: Tacklife, Magnetic and Anti-Slip head – HMH2A

The Tacklife HMH2A claw hammer is a compact tool that is easy to transport and very comfortable to use. With the small measurements of 18 x 12 x 3.4 cm it is a hammer designed to work in reduced or uncomfortable spaces. It has a magnetic tapping head to hold the nails which makes it easy to handle and operate with one hand.

The shape of the curved end makes it simple to lever and it also helps with quick nail extractions. This means you won’t have to strain yourself when using it as its designed to make the nails generate a maximum leverage effect. The surface of the head is treated with high density antioxidants and the handle is coated with non-slip rubber for easy and comfortable grip.

No. 2: Stanley, Long handle STHT0-51304

Stanley is one of the most recognized brands in the world for crafting quality hand tools. They have years of experience behind them which have led them to manufacture tools that hold up to the highest standards. This fibreglass claw hammer has exceptional strength and durability. It weighs in at 20 oz, making it very comfortable to handle.

The head of this claw hammer is forged in high-carbon steel which ensures long life and durability. This tool is composed of top-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. The handle is covered with non-slip rubbers and is ergonomic, to avoid damage to the hand and injuries to the arm.

No. 3: Draper, Redline Stubby Claw Hammer 68833

The Draper Redline 68833 claw hammer is a compact tool. It’s small size is designed to be transported with ease and also to be used in hard to access places. It’s made with materials of top quality. The head is made of hardened fine grain carbon steel and magnetized to easily pick up nails.

The axle of the hammer is made of fibreglass and the handle is covered with rubber to enhance the grip. It is also made with Shock-Absorbing technology to reduce vibrations. Despite its portable size it is a well balanced tool, so impact strength is excellent and easily achieved. User reviews particularly emphasize the comfort and ease that comes with using this tool.

No. 4: Silverline, Tubular shaft claw hammer

The Silverline 763591 hammer is an affordable and highly functional tool. This hammer is offered in 3 different weight options: 227, 454 and 567 grams. All the models have a tubular handle covered with non-slip rubber. This handle is ergonomic, making it easy to grip and comfortable to work with.

Reviewers say this hammer is very easy to use due to its very comfortable grip. The head is very resistant as it is made of forged steel and the claws are well made for an easy extraction of nails. This tool is made from weather and corrosion resistant materials. In spite of being a very light item, because its made with top-notch materials, it still enables capacity for high percussion.

No. 5: Stanley FMHT1-51278

This is another claw hammer from the leading brand of tools in the market. In this case we are dealing with a model forged in one piece. Head and handle are made together so you don’t run the risk of breaking them. The material is strong and lightweight, making it a very comfortable and versatile tool.

With less than a kilogram in weight, it is a very comfortable hammer for anyone to use. In addition, it is made with the brand’s FatMax Antivibe technology, which reduces vibrations when pounding. The handle is soft and non-slip, with an ergonomic design made to be comfortable during use. This is a very solid tool, it’s made for the toughest jobs and to live a long life.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about claw hammers

There are many different types of hammers and you should probably know all their varying characteristics before committing to one. It’s important that you understand how these tools work and what they are if you’re looking to buy one. To help you make the best purchase, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions from users.


The adequate use of claw hammers requires following certain safety precautions.(Source: Gstockstudio: 28836099/

What is a claw hammer?

Claw hammers are percussion tools. This means they’re designed to hit materials. They are usually tools made of a combination of wood, steel and fibres. These types of hammers have a head with two ends: one of them is curved and the other flat. The flat end is the one used to hit.

The carpenter’s, or claw hammer, is used mainly for woodworking. The curved end of its head has an opening or “claw”. This claw is used to remove nails.

It can also be used to lever and separate two halves of a piece of wood. In addition, it can be used to work metal and many other materials.

What are the main uses of a claw hammer?

Claw hammers or carpenter hammers are often used for woodworking. They are hammers that have always been used in woodwork and carpentry workshops all over the world. The curved end, with its “claws” or “nails,” are used to extract nails and lever on soft materials such as wood.

What types of claw hammers are there?

Claw hammers have many shapes and designs that can come in mostly two types: hammers made with one or two pieces. One-piece hammers are those that have been forged into a single block, i.e. head and handle together. They usually have rubber handles that improve grip and reduce vibrations.

Two-piece hammers are the most common. The head is usually made of metal, while the handle can be made of wood or some metal alloy. The handle and head fit together and are held in place by wedges. There is a third type which is the framing hammer, this is a very large hammer with very specific use and its use is not that common.

One-piece hammer Two-piece hammer Framing hammer
Head Made of steel alloys. Head and handle form a single piece of material. These usually have separate heads. They attach to the handle by being wedged in. These have a larger head and perform heavy-duty precision work.
Endurance Usually stronger. Alloys tend to withstand corrosion and have longer lives. These tend to break easier. Because the head is attached to the handle by a wedge, it could split the base or come out of it. They are designed to be strong. They usually have a great durability.
Handle It has ergonomic handles. Often made of alloys that absorb shocks. Handles are usually made of wood or vegetable fibres. The joint between the handle and the head is made of a wooden wedge. They usually have larger handles. They are much bigger hammers.
Weight Resistant and light. They usually weigh less than one kilo. They are light tools, usually less than 1 kg. These are quite heavy, and require more strength to handle.
Functions Nailing. Knock. Leverage Nail nails. Extract Nails. Carpentry. Precision work. Works that require high percussion force.

When is it advisable to buy a claw hammer?

Claw hammers are a indispensable tools in all carpentry workshops, but they are also very useful at home. These hammers are a reliable, comfortable and capable tool for the most demanding jobs. Because of their versatile use, they are ideal to have in workshops, construction sites and any tool box. Below is a list of their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Ideal for woodworking
  • Perfect for construction work and any handy work in the home
  • Heavy
  • Cheap models are flimsy and break easily

What type of technology and features do modern hammers incorporate?

Like any other tool and industry, claw hammers benefit from advancements and discoveries. Although they have the same design as 6,000 years ago, they have undergone slight changes that make them better. The handles are more ergonomic, comfortable, lighter and well-balanced. This allows you to work for a longer time with less effort.

The heads have also been adapted to have more useful designs, finer claws and better angles keep emerging. Furthermore, advances in steelmaking have created alloys that are much stronger, harder, and better able to withstand corrosion while at the same time becoming lighter. This means we now have tools that are a lot stronger yet also more comfortable to handle, allowing us to work with them for longer periods of time.


Claw hammers come in a great variety of models and prices.(Source: Stillfx: 45048870/

How do I use a claw hammer?

The shape we know now as hammers have been with us since 4,000 B.C. Although different versions of the tool have accompanied man since long before. Of course, since then, the design has undergone minor changes, nonetheless the main design is irreplaceable, i.e. we cannot use another design of tool for nailing. The perfect design has a grip handle and a flat, metal head used to hit the material that’s being worked on.

What precautionary measures should be followed to avoid accidents when using a claw hammer?

As always, it is important to respect the basic safety rules applicable to any job you undertake or any tool you yield. Hammers are very simple tools, but it is still necessary to follow some precautions and safety measures to avoid any accidents. These are some of the basic safety measures:

  • The materials being worked on must be struck perpendicularly. Making sure to strike the surface at a 90 degree angle.
  • When we hit something, we should use the necessary force. Not too much, not too little. If we go too hard, we can deform or break the material.
  • The hammer should be held from the end of the handle to give greater force during the blows. Moreover, this way we avoid damage to the wrist when using it.
  • We must be especially careful with the fingers. We have to measure the blow to hit the material and not ourselves.
  • Leave the hammer always well supported. If it falls, it could hit us in the foot.
  • Whenever the work poses a risk to the hands we must use protective gear. Gloves will protect your fingers if things go wrong.
  • We must wear protective goggles. These are necessary precautionary gear we should wear whenever we work with a claw hammer.
  • We should never hit materials with a curved head. Especially if we are working with a chisel.

Remember that it is very important to keep our tools clean and maintained. If the hammer is damaged, it may break or pieces of metal may fall off.

How much do claw hammers usually weigh and measure?

Claw hammers are somewhat lighter than the rest of the hammers we have mentioned. These hammers usually weigh less than one kilogram. Their heads are designed to be lightweight and comfortable during work. As far as the measurements, we can find compact hammers that measure less than 20 cm and others of a normal size of 50 cm.

Purchase Criteria

Next, we’ll discuss a number of aspects you should consider before buying your claw hammer. If you understand the important features, it will be easier to make a good purchase. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed with your purchase a few months down the road. In order to choose the best quality claw hammer, consider the following criteria and you should be set:

  • Materials
  • Brand
  • Heads
  • Reviews
  • Weight
  • Intended Use


Claw hammers are generally made of metal and wood. The heads are usually made of steel alloys. In some cases it has undergone thermal treatments that make it more resistant and lighter. These heads are better because they make work easier and they tend to last longer without deforming.

The handles are usually made of wood. In the case of claw hammers beech wood is used, as its fibres absorb shocks and vibrations. Fibreglass is also used, which is stronger and lighter than wood.


Grips and handles are often coated with non-slip rubbers to improve grip. (Source: Stillfx: 14240837/


You can choose to buy a hammer of a recognized brand or one without a brand. Unfortunately, the quality and resistance of the tool is often directly correlated to the brand and also to the price. Our advice is that, as much as possible, you choose an claw hammer of a reliable brand. This is more likely to guarantee better performance.

Keep in mind that recognized brands offer high quality and professionally tested tools. These brands use the best materials and work with sizes and weights adjusted to the tasks.

The cheapest hammers are usually made of flimsier materials, so they break easily and can cause serious accidents.


The heads are the most important part of a claw hammer. It’s the head that withstands the blows and does all the work. That’s why you need tough materials for this part. Look for heat-treated hammers, which ensure that it will not be deformed or broken with intense use. Also, remember that one-piece hammers tend to also be better.


An important resource when choosing a hammer are the reviews left by other customers. Buying online is very convenient, as we can see the comments and ratings of other buyers. With these opinions and ratings we will be able to see how many customers have bought this product and what they think of it.

Thanks to these opinions, you will be able to easily distill the advantages and disadvantages of specific models and brands of claw hammers. In addition, you may be able to notice some important aspects we may not have considered before. When we speak about reviews, we’re not just talking about personal opinions, which may not be objective, we are mostly referring to reviews that provide technical data, problems and advice.


Weight is a decisive factor when choosing the best tool for you. Hammers require a lot of force and this movement of the arm can be strenuous. Also, if they are heavy, they can cause muscle and joint damage to the shoulders and wrists. Therefore, it is very important to consider the tools’ weight, especially if you have any injuries.

Intended Use

Claw hammers are mainly used for carpentry. Its curved head is useful for removing nails or levering. They are very appreciated tools in cabinetmaking workshops, but also in sectors such as construction and DIY activities. If you work with pallets, you will also find this to be a very useful too to dismantle its parts.

If you have other uses in mind, you should decide on another type of hammer. As you know, there are different types of hammers and each one is suitable for specific tasks. If you want to work with metal it is better to use a ball-peen hammer and if you want to demolish something, choose a mallet. Thinking carefully about the use you plan to give this tool will enable you to make the right choice at the time of purchase.


Claw hammers are basic tools that can be found in any workshop and carpentry shop. They are ideal for woodworking, nail extraction and leveraging. They are very versatile tools and very appreciated in other sectors such as construction. These hammers are light and compact, making them a very practical tool.

So, if you intend to buy an claw hammer, remember to take into account the criteria mentioned and explained throughout this article. Although materials, heads, weight or brand are key aspects to consider, so is safety and the intended use you plan for the tool. Make sure to look at all the specifications of all these factors in each product before you make your choice.

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